Solutions for embedded systems

Embedded Systems

Real Time Systems

Software Development

Testing and Validation

Business Analysis

Analysis, requirement and development lifecyle


Embedded Systems

Innovative software solution for embedded systems.


Real Time Systems

On-board real time applications from requirements to deployment and maintenance.

Customized solutions for your needs

Deployment of specific solutions to cover your customer's requests.


Expertise in the development of embedded real-time applications in high value-added sectors such as automotive and industrial controls. Our core business is the development of control, diagnosis and communication functions on various embedded targets. We also provide technical support to our partners in the deployment of test and validation solutions.


Our energy, our sincere desire prompts us to offer the best to the customer, beyond ourselves to innovate and invest ourselves fully in the project.

Customer oriented

Custom added-value solutions for the competitiveness of our client.

Technologies and IT Services

Business Analysis

Business needs analysis and requirements specification for innovative solutions.

Embedded System

Innovative software solutions for embedded systems. Hardware abstract layer and core application development.

Software Development for Real Time Systems

Architecture definition and real-time operating system integration.

Safety and Diagnosis

Safety and diagnosis module design.

Development Lifecycle

Requirements specification, design, implementation, testing, validation and technical review.


  • Automotive
    Embedded controls (Real Time Operating)
    Control unit
    On-Board diagnosis
    Communication driver
    Communication protocol
    Testing and validation
  • Industrial
    Real-time systems
    Control unit
    Dashboard for process management
    Testing and validation tools
  • Banking & Finance
    Portfolio data management
    Dashboard for business monitoring


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